Cascina Toni Grande - Bed & Breakfast

During ancient times the site was called “Monte Acuto” (Mons acutus in Latin). In 1041 the Emperor Henry III granted the site to the bishop of Asti, and a century later he gave it to Count Guido of Biandrate, who built the first castle. Count Guido divided his land into equal parts among all the children: the first inherited the lands of Astigiano, among which the fief of Monte Acuto.
The Biandrate held the Monte Acuto as a stronghold for about three centuries, until 1299, when, defeated by Asti, they sold the castle to the Roero for 48,000 guilders. The purchase was recognized and approved by the bishop of Asti.
On 2 November 1299 the Roero (or Rotari) acquired the fiefs of Santo Stefano and Monte Acuto, who took the name of Mons Rotarianum acutus and then Monteu Roero. The present castle was built by the Roero in early XV century on the remains of the one that belonged to the Biandrate.




The rooms double or twin bedded are comfortable and colorful, each with a private bathroom with shower.

Real islands of intimacy and beauty, each room will welcome your desire for peace and tranquillity.

One of the rooms is equipped to accommodate disabled people.

  Bed & Breakfast Cascina Toni Grande
frazione San Grato n.79 - Monteu Roero (Cuneo), Italy
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